We invest in R&D and produce high-tech products

We continue our R&D activities continuously since 1986.

Polyteks is one of the important polyester yarn manufacturers in Turkey in the synthetic yarn sector since 1986. From the first day it continues its research and development work. In August 2017, Polyteks R&D Center was established by the Ministry of Industry and Technology by obtaining the “R&D Center Certificate”.

Polyteks knows the importance of development and follows the competition in the textile market with its R&D Center in order to maintain its presence in the sector with developing technology. “Innovation” is the basis of Polyteks R&D Center, which aims to meet the needs of the sector with functional yarns.

Aim to

  • To design, create and coordinate new and innovative products
  • To creating a new product market and achieving a competitive advantage with the introduction of new markets
  • To increase technological infrastructure and creating knowledge for new production technologies
  • To develop new models of an existing product
  • To raise product quality and standards
  • To reducing cost by increasing efficiency without compromising quality in the production sector
  • To examine the technologies in the production of new generation high performance materials and new develop processes
  • To be sensitive to the environment and to work on developing products and processes aimed at reducing impacts) on the environment
  • To developing projects that will reduce energy consumption and save limited water resources
  • To giving importance to intellectual industrial and commercial property rights; making research on patent and utility model
  • To using our country's rich underground resources in the production process and developing polyester fibers that can exhibit different functional performance characteristics
  • To make supported by domestic and international projects, develop technological infrastructure and commercialize the scientific knowledge produced by collaborating with universities and academic institutions

Products that can also serve different industries


Engineers and technicians with expert skills in different fields play an active role in Polyteks R&D Center team. In this way, multidisciplinary studies are conducted that allow the emergence of products that can serve different industries.

Polyteks R&D Center is designed to adapt to any innovative and value-creating work on synthetic spinning. Synthetic yarn production in R&D studies is carried out in the pilot production machine and related yarn tests are carried out with advanced test devices.

Different polymers, additives and other components can be used in projects independently of production lines. All parameters, from the chemical structure of the polymer to the physical and functional properties of the yarn, are tested by the R&D Laboratory according to the in the relevant test standards.

Tests Performed

  • Determination of Yarn Count (dtex) / DIN EN ISO 2060
  • Elongation at Break (%) / DIN EN ISO 2062
  • Tensile Strength (cN/dtex)
  • Evenness (%) / DIN 53817
  • Determination of Oil Pick-Up (%) / NMR Method
  • Shrinkage (%) / DIN EN 14621 190⁰C Hot Air Shrinkage
  • Crimp Analysis (%) / DIN 53840
  • Determination of Cross-section / Internal Method
  • Color Measurements via Spectrophotometer
  • Measurement of Intermingling (number/m)
  • Determination of Twist (T/m) / DIN EN ISO 2061
  • Measurement of Snarling (T/m)
  • Measurement of Elastane (%) / Internal Method
  • Dyeability: Socks Dyeing
  • Measurement of IV and COOH
  • Thermal Characterization via DSC

We turn our research into products that provide added value or Through our research(es), we obtain products that provide added value

Polyteks R&D Center team make project works such as new product, color and yarn development, technical textiles, Environmental Sciences, quality, production, masterbatch, software etc.

Some of the brands commercialized through projects and studies completed at Polyteks R&D Center.